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President Council Meeting


Girls Flag Football

Opportunity awaits! SCEYFL-AAU would like to announce the formation of an All-Girl’s Flag Football league beginning in Fall 2024. Plans are also in motion to have a few “Girlz Rock” Flag Football tournaments in the Spring starting in April.

Girls Flag Football has emerged as a cutting-edge collegiate sport, opening up remarkable opportunities for girls to secure college scholarships through their passion for the game.

Our primary goal is to create a nurturing and encouraging environment, where every girl can flourish, building essential life skills and forging lasting bonds of friendship. Gives girls an opportunity to learn the basics of football and develop a better appreciation of the game.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Contact your local football organization and let your girls embark on a journey of growth, achievement, and empowerment.

California gov. rejects proposed ban on youth tackle football

California will not ban tackle football for children under 12 after Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom publicly promised he would not sign the bill if it were to reach his desk, blocking a proposal that had become a proxy for parental rights in a presidential election year.

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SCEYFL-AAU Drone Policy

Subject to local discretion, drones may be used in compliance with any local, homeland security, or FAA regulations / laws for practice purposes only. Drones may not be used in association with any scrimmages, contests or games, other than as specifically allowed by the playing rules of the contest. Drones are not allowed over the field or the team area when squad members are present within the playing enclosure. Outside the limit lines, game management (or conference policy) govern drone activity. This governance will include all federal, state, and local laws including campus policy where appropriate. For SCEYFL-AAU purposes, drones are not allowed to fly over the footprint of the stadium/playing field when team members, officials, and other spirit groups are present.

Conference Rule Adoption from 2023 NFHS (High School Rules) Rule Changes

Due to recent football rule changes at the High School level for 2023, effective immediately our Conference will adapt rule changes in efforts to increase rule correlation between youth and high school levels and promote accurate rule interpretation by officials.

AB 506: Mandated Reporter Training Requirements for Youth Service Organizations

Effective immediately, our Conference will be adding Mandated Reporting Training to the requirements of all volunteers with the Conference. California's Assembly Bill 506 (AB506) became law on September 16, 2021, and went into effect on January 1, 2022. This new law sets new requirements for youth serving organizations in three areas: screening, training, and policies.

    SCEYFL-AAU will focus on the element of FUN. We are a youth football conference and the theory of fun as been overshadowed in recent years by the desire to be the most competitive.

    There is this overwhelming myth in sports that fun and competitiveness cannot coexist. To have one, you cannot have the other, and at some point, we have to choose between whether we are there to have fun in our sports experience or to compete.

    Fun and competition do not exist at polar ends of a continuum in youth sports. In fact, fun and competition can actually be the same concept for kids.

    Adults think fun for kids is goofing off, not listening, and not being serious. Children don’t define fun this way. Fun is working hard. It is being challenged and competing. It is learning a new skill, being with friends, having a coach that cares, getting compliments from coaches, and a coach who respects them. Fun in sports for kids means learning from mistakes, working together as a team, applying a skill you learned in practice in a game, improving athletic skills to play at the next level, playing against an evenly matched team, and winning. Fun is getting playing time! Yes, winning is part of the fun for kids. It is not the most important factor.

    We will create an experience that fully engages children, keeps them playing for a long time, helps them develop vital skills in the game and beyond, and still achieves our adult-imposed goals on the whole thing. That is a win-win for everyone. They would play more, play longer, and play better if we only made it about fun.

    Join us in bring the FUN back to youth football.

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